Xplain was founded in 1984 originally to publish a technical magazine. Today, the company has grown to include three divisions: Publishing, Retail Sales, and Custom Services. The corporation is privately held and has its main office in Westlake Village, California ... near Los Angeles. With nearly 100 employees and contractors, Xplain has grown to become a leader in event services, custom publishing, and the Macintosh market.

Custom Services Division

Xplain's Custom Services division is here to provide a variety of services to other companies. This division performs two primary functions:

All of our Custom Services are completely turnkey -- our standard answer is "no problem" ...we provide solutions that just make your problems go away.

Take a moment to visit the description pages for each of the above. If you would like more information on Custom Services or have a project you would like to submit for a quote, contact us at services@xplain.com or call 805-494-9797 and ask for information our custom services..

Publishing Division

MacTech Magazine®, the journal of Macintosh technology, has been the definitive technical resource for the Macintosh since 1984 in over 60 countries. In addition to web, networking and content coverage, MacTech brings you columns and articles on new Macintosh technology, programming tools and tricks, Macintosh hardware, and systems. Read detailed how to's, in depth reviews, conference reports, introductions to technologies, viewpoints on the platform, the software, and the technology that makes Macintosh something special.

InkViewer(tm) The InkViewer is an application written from the ground up to specifically give you the ability to create products that read, search, and reference extensive data sets and article archives.  If your content can be represented in HTML (e.g., web pages), it can be used with the InkViewer technology. Developed by publisher for publishers, InkViewer technology gives publishers what they need to monetize the archives they have.

THINK Reference(tm) is an online reference technology. The THINK Reference Compiler compiles HTML and creates compact libraries for such things as CD publishing. One source set can be maintained for both the web and static databases. The THINK Reference Viewer is a high speed hypertext browser. This technology has been used for such things as Apple's Inside Macintosh®, Symantec's documentation, and the entire archives of MacTech, develop and Frameworks magazines. The example today of THINK Reference's use is the MacTech CD which contains much of the above.

Retail Sales & Distribution Division

BetterRAM.com(tm), is the source for all types of memory products ... PC and Mac, Cameras, USB Keys, and more.

MacTech Domains is for those, both Mac and PC, interested in registering domain names at the lowest cost. Domain names, email hosting, web hosting, SSL Certificates and more.

Our Corporate Offices are located at:

     Xplain Corporation
     PO Box 5200
     Westlake Village, CA 91359-5200

     Voice: 805-494-9797
     Fax: 805-494-9798